Dear Cadet friends,

Hope you are all doing fine and are recovering from 2 years of COVID and have resumed sailing. We have started early march and kids are training again for serious sailing and regatta’s. Few of the old crews have left and we are rejuvenating the class, have hit the bottom, and are recovering slowly by adding a few boats. We are looking forward to racing with the Belgian and German teams again.

As you all know we have a few big regatta’s per year in the Netherland that are perfect training ground for championships. These are the following and you are cordially invited.

Easter regatta [located in a really Dutch environment on the beautifull lake de Kaag. The first serious regatta, with traditionally a big group of Belgian teams participating as well. Fine wining and dining with a view of the finish. Conditions can be springlike and gentle or more serious winds and chilly as the sea is not that far away.]
U4 Medemblik 30/04-1/05 [part of a total of 4 regatta’s. A weekend of serious sailing on the Ijsselmeer. Mostly seroous sailing and long hours on the water. Nice town and the official regatta area of the Dutch sailing association]
U4 Workum 14 & 15/05 (idem dito, but a bit more close to Germany, serious sailing under superb conditions mostly, fine training ground for the DYR]
DYR 26-29/05 [Dutch youth regatta, typically with approx. 700 boats spread over various clkasses in Workum. 3 days of intense sailing and the open Dutch championships of the cadets]
Zeeland regatta 8-10/07 [Friendly regatta, very welcoming in Veere, Zeeland. Camping possible on the harbour, real friendly atmosphere. Organization is very welcoming. ]

Please see for more details

Once again, you are cordially invited and would love to see you on one or more of these occasions!

NB: any news on your side on the number of teams your are sending to Torquey? Have you managed to arrange for the transport of the cadets (as this is quite complicated after the Brexit)?

All best, on behalf of the DCCA,

Pim den Hertog
Eddy Huuskes
Kees Joosse (chairman)
Rob Maes